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HB SPORT & TOYS started in 1991, and grew to be well-known for its selection of high quality early childhood products along with its exceptional customer service. Throughout the years, we partnered with the most prestigious brands and toy manufacturers to become one of the most trusted suppliers for educational equipment and early childhood development. We are one of the rare suppliers, who can offer good, top-selling toys that embrace quality, play value and breath of range, as well as prudent handling of resources and a sense of social responsibility. We also develop educational games and produce in accordance with SABS and European standards. We orientate ourselves exclusively to your needs
and the needs of your customers.


HB SPORT & TOYS offers a complete selection of top quality educational supplies and learning material for the early childhood classroom and play area which are carefully chosen to provide children with the best products from all over the world, selecting only the best products that meet our criteria:

  1. Educational: the toys allow children to explore and discover for themselves, rather than learning by rote.
  2. Fun: the toys are Kid Tested, to ensure they really enjoy them!
  3. Safe: we ensure that international safety standards are adhered to.
  4. Value for Money
  5. User-Friendly: Operation, with or without instructions, are self explanatory


HB SPORT & TOYS products are carefully researched and chosen in consultation with educationalists, psychologists and therapists. A comprehensive range of products has been selected, taking into account the child's motor development and the types of play that typically attract children at various age levels HB SPORT & TOYS offers top quality items to challenge, stimulate, encourage children to explore and discover for themselves and satisfy through play.


HB SPORT & TOYS offers you a large selection of items selected to cover all of the child's motor and skills development and to cope with the various types of play that typically attract children at various age levels. Each season, new items are added.


Playing is as equally important as eating and sleeping. The child develops both physically mentally and socially through play. That is why playing should be safe at all times. And as Safety comes first in all our product choices, all HB SPORT & TOYS products meet SABS and European Safety Standards.


The comprehensive range is offered and available all year round. In line with our service commitment, we do carry sufficient stock of all items to meet your request whenever required. HB SPORT & TOYS products are delivered to you in the shortest time possible.